80 Wonderful Side Yard And Backyard Japanese Garden Design Ideas (45) – Googodec…

80 Wonderful Side Yard And Backyard Japanese Garden Design Ideas (45) – Googodecor

Origin and history
In densely populated countries such as Japan, where free space is a precious commodity, a lot of emphasis is traditionally placed on garden design. With a great sense of aesthetics, editing and patience, Far Eastern masters have made the Japanese Garden what it is today – an idealized landscape in small Format. This sophisticated garden culture has left the borders of the Asian world now far behind. Meanwhile, more and more amateur gardeners in this country are also enthusiastic about the Japanese Garden. In the process, an attempt is made to create a primeval, but harmonious and self-contained garden picture. With a bit of imagination, wavy, raked gravel beds turn into vast seas, ornate garden Bonsais turn into storm-wrenched tree Giants and small rocks grow into large mountains.

In the design of Japanese gardens, azaleas play a very special role. Due to their size of only about 50 to 100 centimeters, they are suitable for small gardens, for individual beds or as a potted plant on the terrace. Its dense inflorescences impress in spring, depending on the variety, mainly in different shades of red, but also in Orange, white or violet. Since they only partially lose their leaves in cold winters, they score even then with a green dress. In spring, ornamental shrubs, ferns and ornamental grasses in various shades of green form a wonderfully quiet background for the Japanese azaleas. After the shrubs, peonies and irises take over the flower Part in the Japanese Garden. It is best to make sure that the flowering time is always slightly offset when selecting the plants. Thus, depending on the season, the viewer’s attention is drawn to a different Arrangement.

Decoration for the Japanese garden
Paths made of stepping stones meander through almost every Japanese garden and lead the viewer past flower beds and well-placed accessories. Thus, the view can always be consciously directed in certain directions and to very special Highlights. These include, for example, stone lanterns to commemorate the millennia-old Tradition of Asian tea houses, as well as Buddha statues in all variations, sizes and materials. Bonsais also fit well into a Japanese Garden.

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